Prove outcomes with real sales data

Measure outcomes with first-party, permissioned commerce data, and get real-time visibility into ROAS and conversion rates

Measurement Dash

Real-time and actionable

Get real-time visibility into return on ad spend and conversion rate to make decisions on the fly

Channel agnostic

Measure outcomes across your entire tech stack, including SSP, DSP and CTV providers

A single source of truth

Measure thousands of online and offline transactions in one place

Actionable and ready for activation

Analyze granular data and optimize toward the attributes and cohorts of people driving the highest performance


Use our measurement solutions across the entire ecosystem

The Trade Desk measurement integration

Use Attain modeled conversions for real-time performance and optimization within The Trade Desk platform

OpenX measurement integration

Leverage Attain’s measurement to view real-time performance and optimization levers

Magnite measurement integration

Marry Attain transaction data across Magnite supply to understand real-time ROAS and conversions

Snowflake measurement integration

Pair your first party data with Attain’s transaction basis for attribution in Snowflake Marketplace

Additional platform integrations

Learn more with Attain

Get access to online and in-store commerce data, and see the whole picture.

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