Camelot will leverage Attain, the largest U.S. permissioned purchase panel enabling brands to effectively measure lower-funnel sales outcomes in real-time tied to premium OLV and streaming video ad buys

CHICAGO, Aug. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Attain, a leading permissioned commerce data platform that powers real-time purchase measurement and outcome signals for brands, announced a partnership with Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media, a trailblazing independent agency that specializes in providing best-in-class connected TV (CTV) strategy to its brand clients. The partnership aims to unify and simplify the fragmented CTV measurement options brands have access to today.

The Attain Platform, launched in beta in July, will equip Camelot’s clients with access to the company’s first-party commerce data set, which includes over half a billion dollars of daily transactions from Attain’s opted-in panel of over 5 million consumers. The data is sourced from Attain’s portfolio of mobile apps including Klover and Frisbee, which provide consumers with access to a diverse set of financial products and benefits, transparently and in exchange for their permissioned data. Attain’s purchase data spans all verticals, retailers, and purchase touchpoints.

Camelot’s clients, ranging from major fast food chains like Carl’s Jr. to financial services like TurboTax, will be able to measure and optimize CTV outcomes in real-time across all verticals, media buys, and tactics. The partnership further bolsters Camelot’s powerful CTV toolbelt, which includes upfront agreements with Hulu, Paramount, Peacock, Roku, Tubi, and Netflix, as well as a partnership with Roku as its first Certified Managed Service Partner.

“The need to tie media and audiences to our client’s cash registers is mission critical for Camelot.  Attain’s large panel and advanced platform makes that connection today, moving us beyond vanity KPI’s into real-world business outcomes,” said Sam Bloom, CEO of Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media.

The partnership aggressively addresses two primary challenges in the CTV space. The first being fragmentation across numerous devices, platforms, and services, making it difficult for advertisers to gather and unify data across multiple touchpoints. The path from viewing an ad to making a purchase can be convoluted and involves various devices, hindering the ability to accurately attribute conversions to a particular ad and measure the true impact of a campaign. The second challenge is the lack of industry-wide standardization for measuring CTV advertising, making it harder to compare performance across different platforms and channels. Compared to other digital channels, there are significantly less engagement signals available with CTV, and as with traditional linear TV, it is notoriously hard to tie back an impression to an actual sale in the real world.

Together, Attain and Camelot solve for both challenges by mapping CTV campaign impressions to sales conversions using first-party identifiers. This methodology does not rely on cookies, and works across all platforms, solving for fragmentation, and uses sales attribution and incrementality as outcome metrics, a standard and widely accepted form of campaign measurement.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Camelot who have proven to be forward-thinking leaders in media,” said Attain CEO, Brian Mandelbaum. “We share a common belief that brands ultimately care about one metric, and that is, selling more. Every invested impression should count towards that metric. If brands don’t focus on sales metrics as a top priority, it’s like going on a road-trip with absolutely no destination.”

CTV measurement with Attain will be available to Camelot’s clients effective September 2023.

About Attain
Attain’s mission is to empower marketers to drive better outcomes by providing access to first-party permissioned commerce data. Powered by a financial services app, retail loyalty account linking, receipt capture and survey results, Attain is uniquely positioned to provide deeper insights into how, what, when and where consumers spend their money.

Co-founded by CEO Brian Mandelbaum & CTO Dominic Bennett, Attain, formerly known as Klover, was founded in 2019 and is based in Chicago. For more information on Attain, visit

About Camelot
Trailblazing through 40 years in the media and marketing industry, Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media, is a Dallas-based independent agency with 150 employees in cities across the U.S. – including New York, Los Angeles and Baltimore. They partner with intellectually curious, want-to-get smarter leaders from the world’s biggest brands – from TurboTax to Whole Foods to Michaels – to provide media-agnostic, transparent, insight-driven media and marketing strategy and execution that drives stellar results. For more information on Camelot, visit

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