Lately, tech headlines have been unpredictable. Economic anxiety, workforce reductions, social media takeovers and more seem to dominate the front pages.

Fortunately, there’s some good news — companies are still hiring. Built In Chicago has over 6,000 job listings across 400 companies. Today, we’ll highlight the companies expanding their teams, and get a peek at what makes the work fulfilling.

Take the stalwart pharmacy and retailer Walgreens, which has over 150 job openings spanning a range of technologist roles working on projects that impact millions of lives around the globe.

Surekha Durvasula, vice president of analytics platform and data engineering at Walgreens, has worked with her teams on a dashboard to help track and slow the spread of Covid-19 variants, such as omicron, along with a clinical trial enablement product.

Walgreens, Echo, Attain (formerly Klover) and project44 are all hiring right now. Take a look behind the scenes at these featured companies, and check out their job postings on Built in Chicago!

Drew Doman


Describe your company culture in one word.

Purpose. This culture is born out of our mission to democratize modern financial services. Attain provides access to millions of consumers’ consented purchase data, which marketers can use to precisely target audiences, gather insights and measure performance.

I picked this word because we as a company have a clear purpose, and each individual has an important purpose as well. We’re a small team, therefore everyone plays a key role, has a purpose and has the autonomy to get their job done.

"Everyone plays a key role, has a purpose and has the autonomy to get their job done.”

This culture translates to our hiring — we focus on expanding our organizational skill set so each hire brings something new to the table and has a distinct purpose. I find this approach to be incredibly rewarding knowing the purpose and skill set my colleagues and I bring to the team.

What’s the coolest project you’ve worked on recently, and how did it help you grow professionally?

The coolest project I have worked on recently is the product my team and I are currently building: Attain’s data platform. This product did not exist when I started, so having the opportunity to scope, design and build this product from scratch has been an amazing learning experience for my professional journey.

At the beginning of the scoping phase, staring at a blank page was daunting. But I was reminded of some great advice from a mentor who told me to get back to basics: who’s buying, what are their problems, why now, why our product.

This simple framework has given me a lot of clarity and it’s been the basis of some amazing collaboration across the organization, as the answers to those questions have provided focus to other cross-functional teams. Removing the propensity to over-complicate and getting back to basics is a lesson that I’ll use throughout my professional career.

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