Advertisers can see how campaigns perform against sales metrics to optimize performance

New York, NY (June 13, 2024) Kargo is announcing a partnership with Attain, a leading permissioned commerce data platform that powers real-time purchase measurement and outcome signals for brands. The partnership addresses advertisers’ growing interest in bridging high-impact, branding campaign and performance objectives to account for changing consumer commerce behavior. 

Kargo will provide advertisers with Attain’s real-time commerce data in order to help brands see how their campaigns are performing against key metrics. With this partnership, Kargo advertisers can make informed media decisions that will have a direct positive impact on their campaign outcomes. Kargo’s offerings, including their CTV, core programmatic, and commerce products, are designed to maximize real-world sales outcomes, reinforcing the value of their media investments.

By adopting Attain’s real-time sales metrics, Kargo is setting a pioneering standard. They demonstrate that media investments should not only drive media KPIs and brand lift metrics, but also have a direct correlation with real-world incremental revenue for advertisers. Attain is the largest permissioned purchase panel in the U.S. tracking over $500 million of purchase data every day. As the gap between brand advertising and performance advertising continues to disappear, Kargo and Attain provide a solution for brands that gives them the insights they need to reach a variety of campaign goals at once. Kargo’s unique ad formats across CTV, video, mobile and display capture attention and drive interaction - and sales. With Attain’s data, advertisers can see the full picture of an ads value all the way to actual purchase. 

"With marketers now more than ever needing to ensure that invested media dollars drive business outcomes, Kargo provides a unique solution to advertisers, with unforgettable ad creative that doesn’t just capture attention, but also drives sales outcomes. We are thrilled Kargo has partnered with Attain to power real-time performance transparency for its advertisers and make the most of Kargo’s offering,” said Brian Mandelbaum, CEO and co-founder of Attain.

“Today’s consumer can discover a new brand and decide to purchase all in the same experience. With our Attain partnership, advertisers are able to measure sales in real time and fine tune their campaigns to maximize different outcomes based on their goals, providing more transparency and control,” said Billie Hirsh, VP of Marketing and Research at Kargo.

About Attain

Attain is North America’s largest opt-in purchase data platform, with over 7 million consumers. Built for the cookieless internet, it provides visibility across all retailers, verticals and purchases. Attain’s real-time measurement solutions, high-fidelity audiences and proprietary insights enable outcomes like gaining new customers, retaining existing customers and increasing customer lifetime value.

About Kargo

Kargo creates memorable experiences to captivate consumer attention and deliver the only media marketplace with 100% premium supply for brands. With a suite of exclusive cross channel advertising solutions, it is the choice for leading brands looking to drive meaningful customer connections across mobile, desktop, connected television, and social. Focused on performance, Kargo helps the world’s largest advertisers achieve incremental brand lift and higher returns on ad spend. For publishers, Kargo’s proprietary platform maximizes revenue per impression through unique creative and targeting solutions. Founded in 2003, Kargo is headquartered in New York with offices across the globe.

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