Attain, a leading permissioned commerce data company that powers purchase-based measurement and activation for brands, today announced the beta launch of its new self-service tool, Attain Platform. This comes after the company announced its measurement integration within The Trade Desk marketplace in May.

Attain Platform equips marketers with access to the company’s first-party commerce data set, which includes over half a billion dollars of daily transactions from Attain’s opted-in panel of over 5 million consumers. Marketers can leverage Attain Platform to measure and optimize campaign performance, precisely target audiences, and use deep consumer insights to evaluate media strategy.

Powered by Attain’s dataset, Attain Platform provides access to purchase data spanning all verticals, retailers, and purchase touchpoints, in addition to self-reported survey data that collects detailed demographic and psychographic information. The data is sourced from Attain’s portfolio of mobile apps including Klover and Frisbee, which provide consumers with access to a diverse set of financial products and benefits, transparently and in exchange for their permissioned data.

As the ad tech industry shifts towards real purchase-based signals and away from opaque third-party data, the number of retail media networks and related solutions is increasing rapidly. This creates complexity and a heavier workload for media professionals, who now handle a growing number of diverse datasets, metrics and ad formats. Additionally, proving business outcomes and efficiency has become a priority, fueling the rise of retail media networks. However, most retail media networks offer limited measurement metrics and insights, and despite these limitations, still demand high premiums and budget commitments.

Attain Platform democratizes access to powerful first-party purchase data while unifying the fragmented commerce data landscape, and addressing every facet of the campaign lifecycle with an easy-to-use, intuitive user experience.

With Attain’s data, marketers can measure ROAS and conversions in near real-time, and access reports directly in Attain Platform. Compared to most sales attribution solutions that take weeks on average, this allows marketers to adjust their strategies in-flight, maximizing efficiencies and performance. Measuring campaign performance with Attain Platform allows marketers to view and analyze granular demographic insights on a converting audience, such as their age, gender, ethnicity and more. In turn, this data can be used to optimize strategies in real-time or inform future campaigns.

Similarly, programmatic traders can leverage Attain Platform to access thousands of data variables and activate custom targeting segments in any demand platform, using any ad format. Within the Attain Platform, marketers can browse data from every vertical, retailer, and purchase touchpoint, allowing for the targeting of previously hard to reach audiences.

Marketers can browse insights within Attain Platform for free. To launch media or measurement campaigns, they must work directly with Attain’s sales team. Users can sign up at

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