While the term ‘streaming wars’ is relatively new, the competition among streaming platforms is not—and the competition has only intensified in recent years, with the launch of several new services and the increasing importance of exclusive content.

After years of promoting their streaming services, the brand decided to zero in on the competition and turned to Attain. With access to Attain’s real-time and permissioned commerce data, they uncovered the insights needed to build a winning strategy and drive net-new sign-ups.

Knowing the customer, inside out 

Attain helped the brand by scoring consumers based on three key purchase variables:

  1. Recency: how recently a customer has made a purchase or engaged with the brand
  2. Frequency: how often a customer has made a purchase or engaged with the brand
  3. Monetary: how much money a customer has spent or is likely to spend on the brand

By analyzing this information, the brand could identify its most valuable customers, predict future customer behavior and tailor their marketing efforts to improve customer engagement and drive sales. 

Additionally, the analysis provided insight to essential information about the brand’s customers’ demographics, psychographics and life stages such as their level of education, household income, upcoming life events or major purchase events, media consumption habits and other relevant data—which was used to inform the creative messaging for its campaign.

In it to win it

To act on these findings, the brand built an innovative targeting strategy by modeling two custom segments using Attain’s commerce data:

  1. Lapsed Customers: Existing customers who had not made a purchase during the last 12 months
  2. Competitive Streaming Conquesting: All consumers who had made purchases with competitive streaming platforms


A unique combination of qualitative (demographic, psychographic and life stage) and commerce data paired with competitive conquesting drove outcomes that exceeded the brand’s benchmarks—including a $5.78 return on ad spend and $2.11 cost per acquisition.

After a successful campaign, the Streaming Platform is eager to utilize Attain’s measurement solutions to optimize future campaigns in real-time, driving more sign-ups, and better outcomes, with Attain.

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