A leading QSR brand was offering delicious menu items—at all hours of the day. But its breakfast menu wasn’t resonating with customers. After going on a brief breakfast hiatus, the brand decided to relaunch the breakfast menu with new items and a celebrity spokesperson to help drive awareness.

When it came time to measure success, the QSR brand took advantage of Attain’s addressable panel to determine if customers were aware of the new breakfast menu and if they’d be dining any time soon.

The campaign was rolled out in three phases—each of which made use of Panel Pulse by Attain (a custom, brand-specific survey). This allowed the brand to engage with a real-time consumer panel to ask questions about their breakfast menu offering. The panel data was important to help the brand hone their strategy, their ultimate goal being unique reach to spread their message far and wide to net-new audiences. 

The first survey revealed 81% of the brand’s non-breakfast customers were aware of their breakfast menu offering—meaning their existing messaging and celebrity spokesperson efforts were effective. To conduct the second survey, the brand leveraged Attain’s transaction data to identify and target their lapsed breakfast buyers and ask why they stopped purchasing. They found a majority of lapsed customers said they don’t regularly eat fast-food breakfast—meaning they didn’t lapse because they were dissatisfied with the menu offerings. For the third and final survey, the brand engaged with all QSR purchasers and learned 64% were planning to try their breakfast menu in the future.

To act on their findings, the brand built an innovative targeting strategy by modeling three custom segments using  Attain’s transaction and survey data:

  1. Frequent QSR Buyers: Consumers who frequently eat fast food and also said they were planning to try the new breakfast menu
  2. Existing Customers: Existing customers who had not made a purchase during breakfast hours
  3. Competitive Breakfast Conquesting: All consumers who had made breakfast purchases at competitive QSR brands

Attain’s custom surveys enabled the brand to measure campaign effectiveness and optimize their overall campaign efforts in real-time—helping to craft a more precise strategy while striving to reach new consumers. The brand achieved a cost per unique person of $.03, well below their target, and reached 12 million new consumers. 

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