Add unparalleled depth to your audiences and reach them wherever and however they consume media

Pair Attain’s real-time commerce data on millions of consumers with real-time psychographics, attitudes, and demographics to unlock innovative media strategies and reach your audience.

360 degree commerce data covering every vertical

Real-time merchant and product level spending behavior on millions of consumers covering every channel, including retail, travel, entertainment, hospitality and more— Enrich audiences based on how, where and when they spend their money

Expansive catalog of psychographics, attitudes, and media consumption data points

Couple attitudes, psychographics, and media consumption behavior with deterministic commerce data to unlock a richer consumer profile

Engage our real-time panel to conduct market research in minutes

Attain’s rolling survey panel is accessible to marketers 365 days a year, and data is available within 24 hours. Enrich survey results with deterministic commerce data to unlock deeper insights, or ask questions on the fly to validate strategy decisions

Actionable & activation ready

Our integration with Liveramp allows for seamless integration into all ad environments and ensures that campaigns can be executed efficiently and effectively

Definitive data source for Multicultural, Gen-Z and Millennials

Attain compliments your existing panel sources with our fully-permissioned panel of over 4 million engaged users, specializing in multicultural, millennial, and Gen-Z consumers.Attain’s panel can also be weighted to the general population

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Get access to online and in-store commerce data, and see the whole picture.

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