Use verified purchases to find untapped audiences and drive real outcomes for your brand

With first-party, permissioned commerce data, marketers can create highly customizable data segments that drive real, measurable outcomes

Commerce data covering all verticals & merchants

Target using historical and real-time merchant and product level spending behavior on millions of consumers. Boost your retail media strategy to see beyond big box retailers with access to retailers big and small

Permissioned & cookieless

Trust your segments are built with explicit permissioned data from panelists and transparently exchanged for financial services. Permissioned emails on all of our users creates a cookie-free identifier, and industry-leading match rates

Real-time ROAS Measurement

First-party commerce data at the merchant and product level allows for real-time ROAS and conversion measurement based on real sales data, both online and offline, across all tactics and partners

Real-time media optimization

Enable smarter, quicker optimizations with real-time visibility into which ad impressions are driving conversions most efficiently


Pair a massive, permissioned consumer panel with best-in-class modeling capabilities to reach up to 400M devices. Custom audiences can be built to achieve the goals of your campaign, from awareness to performance

Available wherever you buy media

Frictionless integration into all ad environments flexible, platform-agnostic and white-glove activation options so you can maximize the value of your media from custom data segments to syndicated segments to custom data PMPs

Activation partners

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Get access to online and in-store commerce data, and see the whole picture.

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