Telly, the maker of the free, two-screen television, and Attain, a data commerce platform that captures where and how much consumers spend with specific retailers in real-time, have inked a partnership to launch the largest independent viewership and purchase panel in the U.S.

The partnership, as reported by Marketing Brew, comes at a time when ad streaming measurement is extremely fragmented. Making matters worse, the metrics used for measurement lack industry-wide standardization.  

“This partnership is a huge step forward for what’s possible in streaming TV measurement, while also normalizing the consumer data value exchange that will hopefully become the norm in the post-cookie world,” said Attain CEO & Co-Founder Brian Mandelbaum.“The data that [Telly] is able to capture is completely complementary to the type of data that we work with, with our consumer base.”

The deal combines Telly’s modern TV panel and highly sought after viewership data to Attain’s real-time consumer purchase data. This means advertisers will be able to connect streaming ad exposure to near real-time online and offline sales, providing closed-loop measurement against a notoriously hard-to-measure channel.

Closed-looped measurement

Attain boasts the largest commerce panel in the U.S., with more than 6 million active users, providing marketers with transaction data both online and at the store level in real time. It also captures more than half-a-billion dollars in transactions — whether on TikTok, Amazon, Walmart, or even hotels — each day. Telly, meanwhile, differentiates itself from TV manufacturers, streaming apps, and ACR players by capturing granular viewing data, including the specific shows watched on platforms such as Disney+, Netflix, Tubi, or Hulu, as well as what ads they’ve been exposed to.

Instead of working across the streaming “walled gardens” to aggregate performance while attempting to compare apples-to-oranges metrics, advertisers that work with Telly will have access to a unified workflow and industry-standard sales outcome metrics like ROAS and incrementality.

There are 400,000 people on Telly’s waiting list to receive their dual-screen TV and Attain will be offering free TVs to a subset of its consumer app users.

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