Attain, a leading permissioned data platform, and OpenX, a global omnichannel advertising exchange, today announced a partnership that will enable supply-side targeting and measurement of Attain’s zero-party data using OpenX’s OpenAudience™ audience solution tool. OpenAudience allows retailers, consumer brands, data owners and publishers to match their data directly with OpenX’s 200 million monthly users across 1,200 publishers.

Attain’s data is powered by the company’s financial services app, Klover, which boasts over 4 million users and provides marketers fully permissioned purchase data across all channels and verticals to find and target untapped audiences. Within the Klover app, data is sourced in real time from retail loyalty account linking, SKU-level APIs, and a consumer panel.

“Our goal has always been to help marketers make more informed decisions,” said Brian Mandelbaum, CEO and founder of Attain. “The current economic landscape is impacting marketing budgets and ad spends. This partnership comes at an ideal time to relieve some of these challenges by providing tools that are able to close the loop on ad exposures to conversions while providing metrics such as return on ad spend and sales lift—tools that are needed to increase match rates and scale for advertisers. Providing real-time, hyper-specific data enables companies to target the right audiences efficiently to meet the bottom line.”

The partnership with Attain will enrich targeting capabilities for publishers and buyers who use OpenAudience, the latest technology from industry-changing innovator OpenX, the only cloud-based ad exchange in the industry.

“With our Attain integration, buyers can apply granular purchase data across their CTV, mobile, and web campaigns via OpenX’s supply-side targeting solution. Our supply-side data integrations enable buyers to increase their reach and accuracy against their target audiences. Buyers get a closer connection to publishers which garners higher match rates.” said Brian Chisholm, SVP of Strategic Partnerships at OpenX. “We are excited to bring more unique and privacy-first supply-side targeting opportunities to market with high-quality data partners like Attain.”

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