Oracle recently announced the sunset of its digital advertising business. Brands and agencies that previously depended on Oracle’s data products can now seamlessly transition to Attain’s comprehensive range of Audience services, ensuring uninterrupted media planning and campaign delivery. 

Attain is a purchase data platform that maximizes outcomes for marketers. With our unbundled visibility of in-store, online and cash transaction data, paired with rich, 100% opted-in demographic and psychographic insights, we provide a wide array of custom and off-the-shelf segments adaptable to a variety of media strategies. To learn more about what Attain can do for you, please contact

Transition from Oracle to Attain in three simple steps:

  1. Identify your Oracle segments: Send a list of segments to
  1. We’ll recommend high-impact Attain audiences: Our team of audience specialists will match your needs with off-the-shelf and/or custom segments
  1. Activate your Attain audiences: We can seamlessly pass our segments to your preferred buying platform(s) to start driving outcomes

Ready to start driving outcomes?

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