Advertising Trends To Watch For 2024

As digital advertising transitions away from third-party cookies, marketers are adapting by focusing on first-party data, retail media networks, and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence. This shift, accelerated by privacy regulations and Google Chrome’s phase out of cookies, signals a new era in digital advertising.

In this eMarketer Webinar, Brian Mandelbaum, CEO of Attain, and Paul Verna from Insider Intelligence, emphasize that by 2024, cookie discussions will become a thing of the past. Instead, the new focus will be on first-party data, aligning with privacy norms, and enhancing advertising efficiency. Meanwhile, the rise of retail media networks, while offering targeted advertising opportunities, could create restrictive “walled gardens.”

You’ll get up to speed on current and future trends, including:

  • The dual nature of loss from third-party cookies
  • The pros and cons of the rise of media retail networks
  • Using AI to advance more ethical data practices
  • AI’s integration into advertising and how it will transform audience engagement and campaign effectiveness

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