Low prices don’t guarantee sales—especially when consumers are faced with high inflation and a looming economic crisis. When the brand was planning to launch its Affordability campaign, they turned to Attain. The brand’s decision was based on two key factors: Attain’s ability to provide access to permissioned and real-time survey and commerce data, and its unmatched multicultural targeting capabilities.

With a multi-objective goal of driving both brand awareness and sales, the brand kicked things off with a custom Panel Pulse survey. Attain’s highly-engaged consumer panel allowed the brand to connect with their customers in real-time, gaining a deeper understanding of buyer loyalty, price sensitivity and consumer inflation sentiment amidst the current macro environment. The brand discovered its  beverage product was not perceived as an essential item by consumers, and any price increase would result in hesitancy towards purchasing.

Next, the brand combined real-time survey and commerce data to build a custom consumer profile based on the following criteria:

  • Individuals who identify as multicultural
  • Individuals who are renters, live with their parents, or live in dormitories
  • Those who purchase sports drinks or energy drinks and shop at discount or convenience stores
  • Individuals without children
  • Those who have a household income of $50,000 or less and a checking account balance of less than $800


This proved to be a highly effective strategy. The campaign performed exceptionally well, surpassing all of the brand’s goals and achieving a positive lift in every stage of the funnel. The campaign’s ads achieved a $0.02 cost per unique reach, exceeding industry benchmarks and the brand’s awareness goals. Additionally, the campaign drove a 4.96% conversion rate, leading to a $2.72 return on ad spend.

Thanks to Attain’s measurement solutions that offer real-time access to commerce and transaction data, the brand gained valuable insights into its converting audience. It found that millennials were the age group most likely to convert after being exposed to the campaign, females had a higher conversion rate than males, and multi-racial individuals were more likely to convert compared to other ethnic groups.

After a successful campaign, the beverage brand is eager to continue utilizing Attain’s measurement solutions to optimize future campaigns in real-time, bringing home more sales, and driving better outcomes, with Attain.

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