A leading QSR brand wanted to boost its brand awareness and consideration with a new branding campaign focusing on its company values and exceptional customer experience.

A sweet strategy driven by commerce data

In order to zero in on the most effective targeting strategy, Attain used explicitly-permissioned first-party data to help the brand discover valuable insights about existing and potential customers. The insights showed there was a significant opportunity to reach consumers who frequently order through food delivery apps and avoid a dine-in experience all together. They also chose to leverage a broader strategy to reach competitive QSR customers. 

As a result, Attain built four custom segments to help the brand reach the identified targets:  

  1. Competitive QSR Conquesting: All consumers who made purchases at competitive QSR brands
  2. Frequent QSR Delivery: Consumers who frequently make QSR purchases via food delivery apps
  3. Lapsed Customers: Existing customers who had not made a purchase in the last 6 months
  4. QSR Loyalists: Consumers who are the most frequent and top spenders of QSR brands

To achieve maximum efficiencies, the brand activated these segments as an online video (OLV) campaign with Attain’s Supply-Side Platform (SSP) partner, OpenX, which allowed for greater reach of inventory and more sophisticated targeting capabilities.

The proof is in the outcomes

Because Attain’s measurement solutions offer real-time access to commerce and transaction data, the brand was able to validate its awareness campaign—and ultimately prove outcomes—on the spot.

The campaign performed exceptionally well, surpassing all of the brand’s goals and achieving a positive lift in every stage of the funnel. The campaign’s ads achieved a 95% completion rate, exceeding industry benchmarks and the brand’s awareness goals. Additionally, the campaign drove a 2.3% conversion rate, leading to an impressive $14.13 return on ad spend.

A flywheel of success

The brand not only proved the success of its awareness campaign, but also gained valuable insights about the customers who generated the highest return on ad spend and conversion rates using Attain’s measurement solutions. These insights, which include audience segments, ad creative, device type, domains, ad size, demographics and more, enable the brand to make real-time optimizations to its always-on campaign with great precision.

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